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Romantic Quotes For Him or Her

The work ethic at art school is completely different than the work ethic amongst people who get into music. People who paint, it's an...

Relationship Quotes And Sayings

You have nothing if you're texting a guy in a relationship. We can text six women a minute. We can text it and push...

Happy Birthday Quotes, Wishes And Sayings

All my grandchildren bake. On a Saturday, Annabel's boys, Louis and Toby, always bake. Louis makes a chocolate cake, Toby makes banana or lemon...

Happy Anniversary Quotes And Wishes For Couples And Friends

June 2005 is the five year anniversary of the debut of Battle Pope. This year, as we celebrate the 230th anniversary of America's independence, please...

Romantic Love Quotes Of All time

There are those who love to get dirty and fix things. They drink coffee at dawn, beer after work. And those who stay clean,...


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Sad Quotes And Sayings

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